Way back in January 1982 I rented a tiny office in a cinder block building on Shelby Street, just about a block off the Plaza. It was funky and cheap, but the location was great.

I needed a freelance graphic artist and Dick Hogle was looking for work. He needed a base for coordinating his own projects (including scheduling gigs creating fireworks displays and playing drums in a local band).

I had a Smith Corona electric typewriter, I ordered phone service, and my husband made me a desk from a sheet of plywood, cut to fit over two filing cabinets.

The name Ruth Johnson Advertising went up on the door and I started working with three clients: Payne's Nurseries, Shelter Furniture and Los Alamos National Bank.

We grew, hired more people, moved to larger quarters. Years later we got smaller, then grew again. In 1992 the name changed Johnson Advertising & Public Relations and the staff and client list shrank. The we grew again, but over the past few years I settled into a home office and pared down to only three clients: Payne's Nurseries, Asian Adobe and El Castillo.

When I decided to retire I recalled that when I was a journalism student some 40 years ago I was taught to type -30- at the end of a story so the typesetter would know it was the stopping point. I realized that 30 years would be a great place to end the story of my agency. Three clients to start, three clients to finish—a complete circle that included Lynn Payne, the faithful, amazing client who stayed with me through thick and thin for three decades.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the many clients and employees, vendors and freelancers who provided the support and encouragement to make this journey possible. I appreciate each and every one of you who helped me have an amazing and wonderful career and a successful business.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the very best.

Ruth Johnson

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